Devlog #1 – Game Design Brainstorm

April 27, 2016 6:06 pm Published by

I’ve been dabbling in Unity on and off for about a year now, doing tutorials and then leaving it just long enough to forget absolutely everything I ever knew. I have resolved myself to finally seeing a complete game through to completion and I have until December to do it. The first couple of posts will cover the initial stages of my game design, prototyping and eventually (hopefully) to a finished product. Creating a feasible game design It’s easy to start with a grand vision of magnificence, you’re going to make an online role-playing game with infinite player choice and a myriad of interesting monsters to fight. Take it from me and many others, put this dream game on the side and concentrate on getting something, anything complete. Be honest about your abilities when coming up with a design document and consider these points: Your coding skill level The amount... Read the full article